openl2tpd.conf is the default configuration file of openl2tpd and usually resides in /etc. Most users use interactive l2tpconfig commands to configure OpenL2TP, and then save the configuration to openl2tpd.conf. Therefore, users don't usually need to know the syntax of openl2tpd.conf. However, experienced users may manually edit the configuration file, if preferred, hence its syntax is documented here. In fact, the syntax is the same as the create and modify commands of l2tpconfig.

openl2tpd.conf(5)		OpenL2TP Manual		     openl2tpd.conf(5)

       openl2tpd.conf - OpenL2TP configuration file

       This document describes the configuration file syntax of OpenL2TP.

       The  configuration  file syntax is the same as that written by l2tpcon-
       fig's config save command. The file contains  a	number	of  l2tpconfig
       create  and  modify  commands,  though the commands aren't processed by
       l2tpconfig - they are processed by openl2tpd directly when it starts up
       and again if it receives a SIGHUP signal.

       The  preferred way to save and restore openl2tpd configuration informa-
       tion is to use the l2tpconfig utility's config save and config  restore
       commands.  The local configuration file support is usually enabled only
       when l2tpconfig is not available.

       See l2tpconfig(1) for a list of all available create  and  modify  com-

       A # character on the first line is used to begin a comment line.

       A \ character at the end of a line is used to break a long command into
       multiple lines.

       Commands are processed in order. If a tunnel create command  references
       a  named	 peer  profile,	 the profile must be created before the tunnel
       create command.

       A config file written by the config  save  command  of  the  l2tpconfig
       utility	may  be	 copied to /etc/openl2tpd.conf if desired, in order to
       have the configuration automatically applied when  openl2tpd  restarts.
       However,	 the  preferred method to reload saved configuration is to use
       l2tpconfig config restore file=xxx.

       tunnel profile create profile_name=one \

       tunnel create tunnel_name=one dest_ipaddr= \

       l2tpconfig(1), openl2tp(7), openl2tpd(8),

OpenL2TP			13 August 2007		     openl2tpd.conf(5)